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Elder Law

The first of the following are advanced directives which means that you choose who is to act as your agent should you become unable to make decisions concerning your health care and/or finances.  Surely, it is better for you to decide who that person should be as opposed to a possible contest in court regarding this.  The second area is generally where a person does not have either or both of the advanced directives and that person can no longer make decisions concerning his or her health care and/or finances and as a result, someone has to be appointed as guardian.  This is often a costly proceeding.  Our firm can assist you in all of these areas. 

  • Advanced Directives- Power of Attorney for Health Care and Power of Attorney for Property
  • Disabled Persons Estates a/k/a Guardianship for a disabled person (an adult who is unable to handle his or her personal, health and/or financial affairs)